A FAQ is listed below, but if you have any additional questions or are ready to get further information on pricing packages, please see the inquiries page.

hello there, i'm rachael —

I’m so glad you’re here and excited to learn more about you! I’m a wedding and portrait photographer based in Southern Wisconsin, though I’m available for travel, no matter where your story takes you. I enjoy meeting new people and getting to know their stories.

I am obsessed with my dog (and literally everyone else’s dogs), dating shows, and traveling to new places!

I adore photographing the truly intimate, candid, and spontaneous moments in life. My style has a strongly photojournalistic approach in that each session will be different for each person. Laughter, tears, inside jokes… I love to capture it all and I want these photos to be pocketed memories for you to cherish throughout your lifetime.

I’m here for whatever your needs are so please, reach out and let’s be friends!


how much do you charge?

Each and every pricing package I create is personally curated to your needs. I have different prices for all sorts of different package options. Please feel free to contact me and/or view the investment page to learn more about pricing and we can build a package that perfectly suits you!

what is your turnaround period?

I will respond as soon as possible with inquiries, but usually it's about two days. My usual turn around time is a 4-6 weeks to get a beautifully edited online gallery to you. I will also send cute little sneak peaks during this time because of course, you want to see how everything turned out! I understand the excitement of waiting for your photos and therefore, I am very open to communicating during this process to make sure you’re kept up-to-date on the timeline.

what should i (we) wear to a session?

If it’s your wedding day, it is obviously your absolute personal preference!

For any other session, the main answer to this is, whatever you feel most comfortable in! It’s an overstatement, but if you don’t feel comfy, it’s definitely going to be noticeable in your photos. All that aside, the manner in which I edit photos, I recommended earthy tones and simple patterns. If you’re planning a family photo session with multiple people, it’s best to keep things simple.

how far do you book out?

I am currently booking for the 2024-2025 season for all sessions! Most weekends are 2-3 months out, however, my calendar is also dependent on the time of year. Please reach out and let me know what dates work for you and I will do my absolute best to accommodate you.

how many photos will i get back?

I will never, ever cap the amount of photos you get back! I believe that you should have every possible angle, facial expression, and intimate moment that I can give you. That being said, I do not release any unedited photos. If you ordered a fresh, hot pizza, you wouldn’t want to receive a frozen disc would you? You are paying for my editing skills so please, let me give you only the best.

how do i get my photos?

After all your photos have been hand edited, they will be presented to you in a personalized online gallery. This gallery can be password protected (just let me know!) and will included unlimited final photos, unlimited image downloads, and the ability to either purchases prints through my secondary site or send full resolutions to the printer of your choice.

where are you located and do you travel?

Southern Wisconsin is my current home, but I love traveling! Please don’t let the location stop you from reaching out as I am willing to come to you.

what if i have to cancel or the weather is bad?

I understand that everyone’s lives and schedules can be hectic and things can change in an instant. If something like that happens, please feel free to contact me and we can work out rescheduling your session. I will give priority to previously booked individuals, but my hope is to find the next best date for you. Depending on weather situations, sometimes a little rain can really be that factor that raises your photos to the next level! Of course, if the weather is dangerous or just absolutely awful, we can discuss rebooking your session.