welcome little one...

October 2022, I had the immense pleasure of getting to photograph Aly and Corey's wedding. Corey's daughter was so sweetly centered in the entire wedding day and it was a joy to get to meet them all. I was incredibly nervous because they were the first "official" wedding I had photographed since making the decision to being proper pursuit of my love of photography. I think of their wedding often and fondly.

Fast forward a year and a half later and I received the sweetest text from Aly, asking if I could possibly photograph the gender reveal of their expected baby. I'm sorry, can I say yes any faster than I did?! How incredibly lucky and I am to have not only photographed the stunning, love-filled union of Aly and Corey, but then to get to be present while they find out the gender of their child?! Um, yes please!!

We were blessed with warm temperatures and gorgeous sunshine for the gender reveal. I met Aly at their home and we took a little tour around the wooded areas on her property, choosing which location to use for this monumental moment. There were several grassy spots, tucked away in deep pine trees, a soft meadow by the creek (which honestly was going to be my number one choice), and then we saw it... A dappled, sunny lane under the swaying bows of full, lush branches. We both stopped, looked at each other, and we knew...

this was the spot.

Everyone held their glasses up and — with one last excited, anxious look and a gently whispered one, two three — plunged them into the cake. The second the glasses pushed through the frosting into the cake, Aly's face lit up with the most priceless expression and everyone gasped. It was pretty easy to see exactly what color the cake was under all those layers. The way that Aly, Corey, and his daughter all smiled at one another, was breathtaking. (Corey's daughter had joked before that was only accepting a sister — all in good fun of course.)

this will go down as one of the best series of photos i've ever captured

congratulations to the hassinger's and their

soon arriving baby girl!